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Valid Outfitters is owned and operated by Brian Everett and we offer some of the best hunting in Western Canada! We offer premier and personalized big game hunts in the surrounding areas of Hinton Alberta. Our hunting areas, nestled in the Eastern slopes and foothills of the beautiful Canadian Rockies, are bush wilderness at it's finest.

Our areas feature Boreal forests with unique combinations of heavy woods, poplar groves and cut lines planted with timothy, alfalfa and bromegrasses. The animals are abundant, healthy, and big! 

Our goal is to grow Valid Outfitters into one of the finest operations in Alberta with Elk, Moose, Deer, and Black Bear hunting as our specialties. We are very proud of our operation and we do everything in our power to offer a superior hunting experience.

Valid outfitters is an extra-ordinary hunting operation in a province with incredible hunting opportunities. If you are interested in unspoiled wilderness, hard working guides, great meals and trophies that you will never forget, we are the outfitter for you!

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