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A wildlife identification number (WIN) is required to purchase hunting and sport fishing licenses in Alberta and is not included in the cost of our hunting packages. The cost of a WIN is $8.00 CAD and good for life with no expiry.

Click here to complete the online WIN application.

Upon submission, a WIN number will be available to you prior to logging out. Print this receipt off as this is your new WIN number. For additional help obtaining a WIN number contact the RELM help desk 1-888-944-5494 from 6:00 to Midnight (MT) 7 days a week


This WIN number is required prior to your arrival for the hunt allowing us to purchase all of your permits and licenses. As well this WIN must be carried with you the entire time of your hunt.


In addition to a W.I.N Card you must also have a valid Wildlife Certificate in order to purchase applicable Hunting Licenses for the species you will be hunting. You will be asked to carry your Wildlife Certificate and applicable Hunting Licenses on your person during the duration of your hunt. Wildlife Certificates are not included in the price of our Hunting Packages. 

Wildlife Certificates are available for purchase ($68.22 +gst CAD) online on the Relm Website and also available for purchase at many sporting retailers in our area. We're happy to help you arrange for the proper documentation once you arrive.


HUNTING LICENSES: Hunting Licenses are required for each species being hunted and are not included in the cost of your hunt. We commonly purchase the licenses in advance to the hunters arrival and then request cash payment once the hunter arrives in camp. This allows us to get on with the hunt when you arrive without delays.

BOW HUNTING PERMITS: As well for bow hunters a bow hunting permit is required when purchasing your licenses. 23.20 CAD is the cost for this permit


Eligible individuals may obtain a special permit or license related to the use of a crossbow in archery season. for more information regarding this permit and process go to 

YOUTH HUNTERS: A youth Hunter must be a minimum of 12 years of age and accompanied by a parent or guardian. All licenses and fees are the same as an adult hunter.

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