We are hunting the best whitetail deer habitat in North America.

The deer herd is very strong, and quality is 2nd to none. Whitetail hunting takes place in a combination of aspen forests and farmland providing prime habitat for trophy bucks.  The dominant bucks put on many miles in search of hot does. Our guides will put you in the best possible location to take a trophy Alberta buck. We scout for 2 months before our hunters arrive looking for specific trophy whitetail deer, patterning them.

Our zone is over 3500 square miles and has very low hunting pressure and high populations of whitetail deer. You will have an excellent shot opportunity at 150-190 class deer being possible to the patient hunter. On our whitetail deer hunts we concentrate our hunting efforts by setting up stands and blinds overlooking pre-scouted crossing areas, scrape lines and food sources. 

We take a limited number of hunters each year to ensure a top quality experience for all of our hunters.

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Late August to Mid September

6 Day Hunt | $3495 USD


November 1st to November 30th

6 Day Hunt | $4395 USD

Valid Outfitters offer 6 Day Whitetail Archery and Rifle Hunts during the peak of the Rut, season runs from September 1st to end of November in some of the most beautiful terrain Alberta has to offer. Rut Hunts Rifle/Archery if you prefer run the first 3 weeks of November.


Our best success comes from patience, Heated Tree Stands and Blinds are utilized to maintain Stealth and Comfort. The Trophy Bucks let down their guard for this short period and are heavily guarding there scrape line searching for Receptive Doe’s and challenging all other Bucks that are trying their best to get in on the action. The Dominant Buck will come in to Rattling, Scraping and Calls; we take advantage of this patterning by knowing there routine from our Trail Cams and good old footwork prior to your Hunt Start and set you up where you will see several good Bucks on a daily basis with  140+ (common) and  180+the Goal. We have a Dozen of these sought after Guaranteed Rut hunts available so book your Excellent Adventure soon.

Resident Canadian Hunts: Valid offers many affordable options for resident Hunters from ruffing it to fully catered Outfitted Hunts, give us a call we can make your next Dream Hunt become a reality at a very affordable price.