Our new Alberta Moose Hunting-Fall Rut program is based from our remote camp bordering the WORLD FAMOUS Athabasca river River. This is a REMOTE area, and the bulls in this expanse of wilderness grow to OLD AGE & GIANT proportions. This is an expansion fall program for us here at Valid Outfitters, and to say that we are excited about securing the only moose permits in this WORLD CLASS AREA, would be a SEVERE understatement.

There is minimal resident hunter pressure here, and there are no other outfitters in our area with moose permits , WE OWN THEM ALL!!!. As of the last F&W aerial moose surveys conducted in this area, the bull to cow ratio was 85 per 100 cows, with a calf to cow ratio of 60 per 100 cows. These represent outstanding values! Couple this with the fact that our MASSIVE AREA is bordered by the Athabasca River ,  you can quickly paint a picture of the constant supply of wildlife that inhabits the area.

Our camp is nestled along the banks of the Wildhay river a tributary that runs into the Athabasca river. Here we hunt areas that harbor breeding grounds for KRANKER, territorial bull moose.  


Late September to Mid October

6 Day Hunt | $9500 USD


Late September to Mid October

6 Day Hunt | $9500 USD

This is a region and area of pristine wilderness habitat that is dominated by Giant Canada Moose, Elk, Monster Black Bear, and Deer, and our remote Camp is the doorway to this outdoor adventure mecca.

This moose program is once again,  a REMOTE ADVENTURE in a TOP TIER AREA. These are UNHUNTED Moose, and these Bulls are dying of old age. If These Giants of the North are what you've been dreaming of, you need to call or contact us for more info. These hunts are offered with EXTREMELY LIMITED AVAILABILITY, and we will be taking merely 3 bulls per year out of this massive remote area. 2019 kicks it all off, and while we are just now able to pursue these bulls in this hunting area, this area has consistently produced sightings of these giant northern ghosts, abundant sign as well as some MAGNUM sheds.

These PEAK OF THE RUT MOOSE HUNTS may be combo'd up with our GIANT Fall Black Bear, Bull Elk, Mule Deer as well as Northern Timber Wolf. Fishing license can be added and when time permits our hunters can fish for Grayling and Bull Trout.

Calling in a randy, 1,000-pound bull moose is one of the most exhilarating of all hunting experiences, the resulting adrenaline rush is among the main reasons hunters love to pursue these beasts during the rut.

Transportation utilized for this Calling Season Rut Bull Moose Hunt will be via watercraft as well as all terrain vehicle/trailer combo units. These Moose Hunts will be conducted during the last 2 weeks of September and first 2 weeks of October during PEAK RUT. Guests can expect intense rut activity, and call receptive OLD AGE CLASS BULLS. This is what its all about, and for even the most battle hardened and discriminating conservationist/trophy hunter, this new program will NOT disappoint!

These are Fair Chase, Ethical, Principled Hunts, with Safety, Adventure and Fun as foundational baseline priorities.Contact us for more information, and we would be happy to discuss with you our REMOTE Wilderness Rut Bull Moose information and pricing package on this hunt!


Our late season moose hunts take place when the moose rut comes to an end. This is a time of great opportunity to access areas where the ground is too wet for travel during the early hunting season. We take clients into remote areas using the advantage of frozen ground to cross the muskegs and beaver ponds that stand between us.


This season offers the advantage of hunting potentially several bulls at the same time, as the bulls bunch up in the feeding areas to replenish the fat reserves following the rut season.  We have identified key post rut locations.


This is a high success rate hunt and our goal is a 40" plus bull. For those looking for an easy hunt and do not want to worry about remote camps and long walks this is the hunt for you. This is fringe country with the foothills to the west and farmland to the east. This cold weather hunt is based from a warm, insulated cabin in the heart of moose country.

Being a  primary bull moose hunt, we as well offer the opportunity to harvest a trophy Alberta white tail buck or timber wolf if you wish to combo this hunt. The whitetail deer are in full rut during this hunt, and we have found these big bucks start making mistakes and opportunities present themselves when hunting late season moose.


November 1st to November 30th

6 Day Hunt | $6495 USD