If you want an exciting elk hunting experience and an opportunity to get a big trophy, our elk rut hunt is for you. We offer a limited amount if rut elk hunts. You will have a chance to see a number of bulls over the three point minimum. Elk hunting in Alberta is increasing in popularity every year. Elk numbers have doubled in the last 10 years in our area and we are now producing more mature bulls over 300 inches.

We are one of the few areas in North America where our clients can hunt bulls in the peak of the rut with archery or rifle. We hunt a zone approximately 100 miles by 150 miles of foothill big bush country bordering the Canadian rocky mountains and bordered by the WORLD FAMOUS Athabasca river . This is one of the best elk hunting zones in Alberta with very limited tags.

We can combo this hunt with MONSTER black bear or deer if you wish. Contact us today to book your TROPHY RUT ELK HUNT


September 1st to September 16th

6 Day Hunt | $5995 USD


September 17th to November 30th

6 Day Hunt | $6495 USD

Valid Outfitters offers 6 and 10 Day Archery and Rifle Hunts. Archery Hunts take Place from Aug 25th to Mid-September, followed by Rifle Starting Sept 17th into November. We prefer the early Season Elk Hunting when the Bulls are receptive to Bugling, Chuckling, Cow Calls and are still on the move chasing the Ladies. The Big Bulls let their Guard down for this very short period of time giving you the chance to Harvest a once in a Lifetime, Majestic Alberta Bull Elk.

Elk numbers continue to increase in our Prime Elk Country Sweet Spots, 5 and 6 Point Bulls have become common place over the last 5-7 Years. We offer River Float Hunts (our favorite), and ATV Hunts into remote Hunting areas where all you will see is Mother Nature’s Best. We also offer Spot and Stalk and Tree Stand Hunt’s that also produce excellent results.

Book your hunt today into some of the most Remote beautiful River Valleys and Boreal Forests Alberta/Canada has to offer, Spots are limited for this Hunt so Book today and let us make your Dream Hunt become a reality.